Crazy Elk Productions

The Story

Fight the Panda Syndicate opens in the winter of 1939, a period known as the “phony war.”  Having successfully invaded Poland the previous September and having forced the surrender of the last polish troops on or around October 6, 1939, the Germans are spending the winter of 1939 reorganizing their forces while certain members within the upper echelon of the Third Reich, operating without authorization from Berlin under a secret directive known the Panda-Syndikat (or Panda Syndicate), obsessively comb the countryside in pursuit of an artifact described by ancient Chinese texts as the source of an unfathomable dark magic that could bring about the end of the world.  The Panda-Syndikat, a group that technically should not even exist, is lead by a rogue German Commander by the name of Mitternacht (a mysterious SS officer who, as far as the administration is concerned, does not exist himself), and he is closing in on a large piece to the puzzle.Mitternacht leads a party to capture the artifact from Bianca Yonac, the artifact’s pledged protector. 

The artifact comes into the hands of her nephew, the young Kazimierz Yonac, who brings it to England with him in 1940,.  As the film continues, it is suggested that the terrorist cells of the Panda Syndicate are believed to disintegrate with the fall of the Third Reich.  Mitternacht is apprehended in 1945, convicted of conspiracy to commit crimes, crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and sentenced to death by hanging.  It is revealed that the artifact remains in the hands of Kazimierz, who immigrates to America in 1949.

Over fifty years later, the focus of the film shifts to James Reeder (Jim to his friends), the hero of our dark comic-adventure.  Reeder awakens, showers, and jumps in his truck, taking off for work.  It is revealed that the artifact remains in the Yonac family, in the hands of Kazimierz’s niece, Rachel, who is a Professor of Psychology with a University in Northern New Jersey.

As James Reeder struggles to understand the riddles of the Panda Syndicate, he comes to realize that our world is teetering dangerously on the edge of disaster (orchestrated by the mysterious Sorcerer Xiongmao and those who follow him) and that if the Panda Syndicate gets their hands on the artifact, a magical talisman of great power, which has somehow made its way into the hands of the young Professor Rachel Gehret, hell on earth will be unleashed.  With the help of his best friends Ganaraj "G" Raman and Artie Bannister as well as an odd assortment of supporting characters, Reeder will take on the Panda Syndicate in Crazy Elk’s most elaborate production to date.