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On Location: Sheraton Crossroads

          After an arduous shoot at the Sheraton Crossroads in Mahwah, NJ today, our production team wrapped up four scenes for "Fight the Panda Syndicate." These four scenes highlight the characters of Governor Charles Bedford (played by Rus Pickhardt) and his political aide Charlotte McFadden (played by Andrea Prendamano). In these scenes, Governor Bedford wrestles with the fact that his reelection campaign is not going as well as he had hoped. Behind in the polls, he wonders how he might reach out to the people of New Jersey to let them know that he really cares about each and every one of them without sounding political.

          The Governor is presented with a unique opportunity when Charlotte presents him with information about a kidnapping, a murder and a gang war that has erupted outside of Philadelphia, on the Jersey side. Charlotte advises that all of these strange events have one thing in common: the fact that a gang, calling themselves “The Panda Syndicate” is responsible.

          Upon learning about the international criminal organization known as “The Panda Syndicate," which has shattered our peaceful existence here in New Jersey, Governor Bedford declares a statewide manhunt for those involved, proclaiming that the villains responsible will be "hunted down and brought to justice."

          Representatives of the Bergen Record were onhand to witness the beginning of our long shoot. We anticipate that they will be printing a feature article on our endeavors within the next week.

On Location: Taboo-U

          A great deal of preparation went into the design and construction of the first scene that our production team took on this year. The scene itself, one of our director's favorites, takes the two heroes of the film, James Reeder (played by Sam Rocco) and Ganaraj "G" Raman (played by Gaurav Gangoli) to the home of a mutual acquaintance by the name of Artie Bannister (played by David Baron).

          In this scene the characters of Jim and G visit their friend Artie, a media pirate with ties to the Hong Kong black market, hoping that Artie will be able to point them in the right direction in their quest to find out more about a mysterious organization known as the Panda Syndicate.    

          A number of original products and brand names were created for this shoot, including Artie Bannister's business logo for "Taboo-U" and a brand of beer called simply "Madness!" These many different products will show up throughout the course of the film, making the world of the Panda Syndicate more intricate and colorful.

Limited Edition
Fight the Panda Syndicate

          Now, for a limited time only, you can own your very own “Fight the Panda Syndicate” limited edition t-shirt.  We are ONLY producing 200 of these special shirts (there will be no reprints), more than half of which have already found a home.  If you are interested in a “Fight the Panda Syndicate” t-shirt, please contact Jason Dale via e-mail at the following address as soon as possible before your chance to own one is gone forever:  jason.dale@crazyelkproductions.com

Production for this film is underway.  We have been experimenting with miniature design, and blue screen.  Our film is, for the most part, fully cast; although, there are still a few roles that have not been filled.  You can look for more offers like this one in the not-too-distant future.  

Governor Charles Bedford Announces Reelection Bid

          New Jersey State Governor Charles Bedford announced today that he will be seeking re-election in the fall of 2007.  Governor Bedford has been involved in Politics for over forty years, having worked his way up the ladder from clerk to one of the most powerful gubernatorial positions in the country.  Governor Bedford is nearing the end of his first four year term, and he is looking to continue his residence in Drumthwacket, the much coveted gubernatorial mansion in Princeton, with his wife Constance and daughter Lisa-Marie. 

Casting has begun for Fight the Panda Syndicate

             We are now casting for all major parts in Fight the Panda Syndicate.  Please contact Jason Dale with your headshots and relevant contact information at the following e-mail if you are interested in taking part in this production:  auditions@crazyelkproductions.com.

Fight the Panda Syndicate opens in the winter of 1939, a period known as the “phony war.”  Having successfully invaded Poland the previous September and having forced the surrender of the last polish troops on or around October 6, 1939, the Germans are spending the winter of 1939 reorganizing their forces while certain members within the upper echelon of the Third Reich, operating without authorization from Berlin under a secret directive known the Panda-Syndikat (or Panda Syndicate), obsessively comb the countryside in pursuit of an artifact described by ancient Chinese texts as the source of an unfathomable dark magic that could bring about the end of the world.  The Panda-Syndikat, a group that technically should not even exist, is lead by a rogue German Commander by the name of Mitternacht (a mysterious SS officer who, as far as the administration is concerned, does not exist himself), and he is closing in on a large piece to the puzzle.

Mitternacht leads a party to capture a piece of this artifact from Lord Tadeusz Kozak, the artifact’s pledged protector, who promptly packs it up and sends it, by way of his son Jurek, to “relatives” in Bucharest who are also pledged to protect it.  The artifact comes into the hands of Lord Kozak’s nephew, the young Kazimierz Yonac, who brings it to England with him in 1940, where it is split into four pieces and taken to each of four undisclosed locations.  As the film continues, it is suggested that the terrorist cells of the Panda Syndicate are believed to disintegrate with the fall of the Third Reich.  Mitternacht is apprehended in 1945, convicted of conspiracy to commit crimes, crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and sentenced to death by hanging.  One piece of the artifact, it is revealed, remains in the hands of Kazimierz, who immigrates to America in 1949.

Over fifty years later, the focus of the film shifts to James Reeder (Jim to his friends), the hero of our dark comic-adventure.  Reeder awakens, showers, and jumps in his truck, taking off for work.  It is revealed that the artifact remains in the Yonac family, in the hands of Kazimierz’s niece, Rachel, who is a Professor of Psychology with a University in Northern New Jersey.  The film shifts to a classroom, where she is giving a lecture on dissociative fugue for an Abnormal Psychology class (her class is seen to be quite lively and inquisitive).  As she is leaving, three of her students pester her to discuss topics for research papers.  After she finally escapes her students, Rachel runs into a colleague of hers who is researching some items that were passed down to her as Executrix of her Uncle Kazimierz’s estate.  It is further revealed that her Uncle’s passing was sudden and unexplained, occurring while he was on holiday in Buenos Aires.  Lastly, through their conversation the audience learns that Rachel has just purchased an historic home, with the intentions of restoring it; however, she is having some difficulties due to the dilapidated structure and wiring of the house itself.

           James Reeder is on the job, fixing some faulty wiring for the professor they are attacked by a group that they can only identify as the Panda Syndicate.  As Reeder struggles to understand the riddles of the Panda Syndicate, he comes to realize that our world is teetering dangerously on the edge of disaster (orchestrated by the mysterious Sorcerer Xiongmao and those who follow him) and that if the Panda Syndicate reunites the four parts of a magical talisman, which has somehow made its way into the hands of the young Professor Hope, hell on earth will be unleashed.  With the help of an odd assortment of supporting characters, Reeder will take on the Panda Syndicate in Crazy Elk’s most elaborate production to date.

This will be the first feature film in a series about the Panda Syndicate.



We hope to someday make our exeprimental version of Arsenic & Old Lace available. For now, you will have to enjoy some photos (more to come):




Three Upcoming Projects

     Crazy Elk Productions has begun pre-production on three original films, which would be entirely written, produced, and directed by our team.  These two as yet untitled films will be a feature length thriller and a drama (both are currently in the early stages of development).

Fight the Panda Syndicate

     Crazy Elk Productions will produce an action comic adventure film entitled Fight the Panda Syndicate.  This film is already in pre-production and will begin filming in June 2006, replacing the untitled June project.

If you wish to be a part of this production or if you have any questions, you may contact Jason Dale.

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