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We celebrated ten years since first setting out to make “Fight the Panda Syndicate” last year, and we hope to make the film available for all to enjoy in 2018.

In 2005, we began an ambitious quest to produce independent films with a series of experimental shorts and one feature length film. Subsequently, production on the original independent film entitled 'Fight the Panda Syndicate' began in January 2007 with a principal cast close to thirty in number. 'FTPS' has been featured in The Bergen Record in an article entitled “Indie Filmmaker’s Dream” and on a show called Real Talk on My9 throughout the tri state area. A culmination of over ten years of intensive, exhausting and arduous creative work, this project brought a core group of artists together for the purpose of fulfilling the vision of a film that would engage the talents of over 450 actors and spawned a sequel short entitled "Revenge of the Panda Syndicate."

This site was down for several years and the efforts of the production company were largely concentrated on post-production work for 'FTPS'. As of January 1, 2017, significant steps were taken to rekindle and reinvent Crazy Elk's mode of operation, to complete "Fight the Panda Syndicate" once-and-for-all, the way it was intended to look and sound.

As of September 2019, we are still working toward distribution. We hope that you will share in our excitement and the special memories as we continue move forward in honor of the talent and extraordinary effort that went into the making of this juggernaut no-budget indie as we seek distribution and work to complete the short film "Revenge of the Panda Syndicate." In time, other projects will begin to appear on this page. For now, let it be known that the focus is to share the hard work that everyone from our twenty-eight boom operators to the legendary King Kong Bundy put into our film and to say "Thank you!" from the bottom of our hearts!




Jason J. Dale,
Executive Director
Crazy Elk Production Studios, LLC




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