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Randy DeOrio as "The Voice"


In today's scene, Artie Bannister and his friends Tim, Glenn and Cakes met with a mysterious Ex-FBI Agent in an attempt to unravel a double homicide that hit close to home.

3/2/2012 to 2/4/2012

This weekend, the Panda Syndicate team converged on downtown Scranton, PA to shoot the finale for "Revenge of the Panda Syndicate" at the site of the Scranton Lace Corporation.

As always, we were under tremendous time constraints, but we walked away with some incredible and exciting footage. We are thankful for the time, effort and sacrifices made by everyone involved in making this extraordinary weekend, and Xiongmao's ominous and triumphant return, a reality.

Among the many scenes that we shot were four major action sequences between actors Diego and Walsh, a major shootout involving Renard, Sergio Lazzarri, Artie Bannister, Cakes and Tim, a resurrection ceremony conducted by Agent Stratford Dixon and, of course a confrontation and resultant battle between Xiongmao and Zoe Ducet.

Antonio San Miguel as Xiongmao

Jennie Green as Zoe Ducet

Christopher Pickhardt as Renard and David Baron as Artie

Kevin Doheny as Sergio

ON LOCATION: Elizabeth, NJ

Today, we shot a very exciting action sequence for "Revenge of the Panda Syndicate," which takes place along the waterfront. In this scene Artie Bannister and Cakes help Fausto DeLuca save his daughter Chiara from the Panda Syndicate, freeing the Governor and taking on the menacing Sergio Lazzarri in the process. For this scene, we crafted a model minigun to amp up the action.


After being evicted from their home, Artie and his sister Amanda make their way to to their estranged father's house to see if he can be of assistance in their time of need.

Nina Myalchik as Amanda

David Baron as Artie Bannister


Production on "Revenge of the Panda Syndicate" begins, and Christmas in Newark will never be the same. After a raucous holiday concert, "Revenge of the Panda Syndicate" picks up several years after the events of "FTPS," at which point the economic downturn has brought Artie & Amanda Bannister to the verge of bankruptcy and their house into foreclosure.

We were very happy to have snow for our kickoff, as this is supposed to be a Christmas movie. Hopefully, there will be a lot more of it in 2012-2013.

ON LOCATION: Foremost Caterers

After our screening for FTPS in March 2011 at the Sheraton Crossroads, we decided to go back out and film three additional top secret scenes to help explain some plot elements and to heighten the tension in the film.

Foremost served as a fantastic location for all three of these sequences, one of which involved the placement of a prop "neurotoxin-releasing" device by the sinister Sergio Lazzarri (SEE VIDEO TO THE RIGHT LABELED SERGIO'S ATTACK), the second involved a mysterious phone call to Agent Emily Aragon and the third of which involved a critical conversation in an FBI Situation Room with some Special FX screens to show some of the havoc caused by the Panda Syndicate.

All three of these scenes have been edited and sequenced within the film. They are among our favorites, and we are very glad that we spent the time honing our craft. Special thanks to Karen, the Rabbi and all of the other wonderful people who worked from dusk till dawn to bring these scenes to life.

This scene has been set to a re-edit of the track "Run" by Glen Gabriel with his permission.

Sergio's Attack



Our tenacious crew traveled to Pine Island, NY, a lush forested property that would serve as the exterior battleground for Beaver Creek.

While in Pine Island, we shot some additional battle sequences involving prop 50 caliber machine guns and rocket launchers to inject more firepower into their final battle.  

By far, this shoot was one of our most treasured and most successful. Special thanks to Bruce, our host, and our Associate Producer Dan Aneiros for his invaluable support and his contributions to obtaining this awesome location.



In January 2010, serious editing began to transform the 2 hour and 45 minute chronological cut into a manageable theatrical cut while finishing up some special visual FX.  The main challenge in post-production was to sequence the film and keep the plot in constant motion for viewers, a feat which took several months to achieve. 

Since many of the locations employed in the film contained uncontrollable circumstances in sound, many of the main actors performed both voiceover and Audio Dialogue Recording, otherwise known as ADR.

In one instance, actor Avi Berman, who plays Rachel’s Uncle Kazimierz Yonac provided a voiceover in Hebrew and a subsequent translation that lent both authenticity and much deeper meaning to a scene.

While editing, we learned a great deal about the art of storytelling in the construction of a film.  We saw moments in the film where short new sequences and special effects would help to tell the story or amp up some of the sequences.  So, rather than apply band-aide transitions, we took advantage of the time that was given to us by shooting one additional scene with Jim Reeder and two additional scenes with Renard to add flavor and exposition.


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